Vaikobi Event T-shirts

Vaikobi has announced its sponsorship of the 2023 ICF Canoe Ocean Racing World Championships. As part of this partnership, Vaikobi will provide every competitor with a complimentary event t-shirt upon their entry, highlighting the brand’s commitment to both high-performance watersports gear and fostering a strong sense of camaraderie among athletes.

Vaikobi has established itself as a leading brand in the watersports industry, designing cutting-edge clothing and accessories alongside professional athletes across a range of disciplines. From their heritage in paddle sports, Vaikobi’s products are synonymous with performance and innovation and Vaikobi now provide a comprehensive range of technical gear for a large range of watersports including sailing and windsports.

Pat Langley, the CEO and Founder of Vaikobi, expressed his excitement about the partnership and the opportunity to contribute to the World Championships. “At Vaikobi, we’re passionate about creating gear that empowers athletes to perform at their best,” said Langley. “Supporting the 2023 ICF Canoe Ocean Racing World Championships here in Australia where we are from is a natural fit for us and it aligns perfectly with our values and mission. We are honored to be part of an event that celebrates ocean ski paddling and brings together athletes from around the world.”

The decision to provide every competitor with a free event t-shirt underscores Vaikobi’s commitment to fostering a sense of unity among participants. By equipping athletes with high-quality apparel, the brand aims to enhance their overall experience and allow them to focus on what they do best – competing at the highest level in the open ocean.

The 2023 ICF Canoe Ocean Racing World Championships is set to take place in a location deeply connected to the sport of ocean ski paddling. The choice of host country reflects the event’s global appeal and the growing popularity of ocean racing as a dynamic and challenging discipline within watersports.

As the anticipation for the World Championships builds, Vaikobi’s support adds an extra layer of excitement for both competitors and fans. With their track record of collaboration with professional athletes and their dedication to performance-driven gear, Vaikobi’s involvement is sure to enhance the overall experience for everyone involved.

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