Oceanpaddler ready to take on the world at the 2023 ICF Canoe Ocean Racing World Championships

Oceanpaddler, founded by renowned Australian ocean ski paddler Dean Gardiner, is throwing its weight behind the 2023 ICF Canoe Ocean Racing World Championships. Gardiner, a nine-time Molokai World Champion and ocean racing legend, is known for his exceptional skills on the water.

Oceanpaddler, under Gardiner’s leadership, encourages people to experience the thrill of ocean paddling. Dean Gardiner shared his excitement, saying, “I’m excited to support the 2023 ICF Canoe Ocean Racing World Championships. Oceanpaddler is dedicated to nurturing the spirit of ocean paddling across Australia and is excited to continue this legacy through supporting the first World Championships on home soil.”

Oceanpaddler’s online website is a one-stop destination for paddlers of all levels, offering a diverse range of products and brands tailored to meet every paddler’s needs. From cutting-edge gear by Vaikobi to efficient storage solutions, top-notch PFDs, and Fenn skis, Oceanpaddler ensures that every aspect of your paddling experience is covered. Furthermore, for the convenience of participants in the 2023 ICF Canoe Ocean Racing World Championships, Oceanpaddler will provide rental services, ensuring that all racers have access to top-quality equipment, regardless of their location or specific needs.

With Oceanpaddler’s support, the 2023 World Championships promise to be a thrilling showcase of ocean paddling talent and camaraderie, uniting athletes from across the globe in the pursuit of excellence.

Paddlers are encouraged to visit the Oceanpaddler website for more information on merchandise and rental skis.

It gets better! Paddlers wanting to make the most of their trip to Perth are encouraged to visit the AORS Website for more information on WA Race Week, which will culminate in the penultimate Ocean Ski race – The Shaw and Partners Doctor.

Have you entered yet? Enter the 2023 ICF Canoe Ocean Racing World Championships HERE!

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